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What a fun year it's been for NaruSaku!! LOL
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ll-Norah-ll Oct 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
It's funny that this page has higher statistics than the Anti NaruHina page xD and I'm glad it's that way
If i were in the series i would kill naruto cuz then thier would be no more fighting
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JustHereAndStuff May 15, 2013  Hobbyist
i hate how she repeatedly rejected him, and just when he gets stronger she's interested!!! -_-
Dattebayo! suckua's a hoe!
Srriously, if I were Naruto, I'd kick her ass!
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oOBlue-SkyOo Feb 21, 2013
(I'm not offending anyone!!)
People please please stop bashing Sakura :c
In the beginning, Sakura WAS kinda useless, but after lady Tsunade took her and trained her, for that reason, she became one of the BEST Medical Ninjas in the Five Great Nations Allied Army Forces. Sakura saved Hinata's life, Lady Chiyo's life, She basically saved Gaara's if you think about it, because if it wasn't for Sakura, Chiyo would've died and Gaara wouldn't be alive and the whole sand village would turn to a mess, and helped defeat Sasori by letting Chiyo use her as a puppet. Not to mention Karin and kankuro's, she found out where Sasuke and Orochimaru is from Sasori, without her Naruto wouldn't have seen Sasuke, and his motivation for saving Sasuke would've faded. She healed Naruto ALOT, she inspired him, she cared for him. Protected both Sasuke and Naruto (before shippuden), She was smart by finding out the Zetsu who sneaked in the war, without that, maybe ALL medical ninja's would've died. And was willing to give up on exams for Naruto's sake. And last but not least, being one of the BEST medical Ninjas in the whole Five Great Nation's Allied Army Forces is not easy in the middle of the 4th Great Shinobi War, healing hundreds of Ninjas that are on the line of death, all their lives depending on her actions.Don't get me wrong, I am a big Hinata fan too.

You can hate Sakura all you want, but stop saying that she's usless! Because that isn't even close! She's one of the most useful characters! To be honest, I didn't like her that much in plain Naruto, she was all about "Sasuke!" But I started to like her a little after Sasuke left the village, I kinda felt sad for her, but i guess she matured up. You can't hate people for their pasts. I'm sure we are all familiar with the moment when Naruto asked her to go to "eat lunch together and get to know each other", and then she was like "Why would i eat lunch with YOU? how could that even cross your mind?!?" But now look at the difference! Look how our beautiful Sakura has changed! Now she started liking and respecting Naruto, earning his trust, more and more. Even though her confession was only a lie, she was trying to protect him, because she CARED about him.I loved Hinata's confession, no, i didn't love it... i started dancing on my kitchen table. Oh speaking of that, Sakura didn't go and save Naruto like Hinata did because only Byakugan users knew what the heck was going on, and Naruto told Sakura to stay out of it while Hinata wasn't there to hear. And OMG THIS IS NOT GONNA END, if you guys remember the chapter where Hinata slapped Naruto to knock some sense into him, everyone went "AWWWWW", but when Sakura slapped Naruto slightly to wake him up from Itachi's Genjutsu everyone was like "BITCH!!!!!!". I guess people target Sakura then. Both NaruHina and NaruSaku can become canon, ?.MOST of Sakura haters hate Sakura just because they like Hinata/NaruHina...They're just wasting their time hating on her, bashing the people that likes her. Seriously, she's a fictional character. even though sometimes she punches Naruto and all, she's not perfect, nobody is! I never read or heard anything about Kishimoto Sensei creating Sakura to be a Mary-sue, and if you know where it said that, please send me a link. Maybe she's gonna fix that lol but it's still funny when she does it XD (i've heard a rumor that Kishimoto created Sakura to be the kind of girl that didn't understand men) She gets more useful and stronger everyday! BELIEVE IT.

Soooo...i hope we make peace? ;) I srsly thank who ever read this far! thank you <3
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